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About Us

What We Do


At Integrative Agile, we focus on coaching Agilists to grow in their roles through coaching practices.  Specifically, we work with individuals and teams to educate them in Agile frameworks to establish a solid foundation for development.  We then can move to more empowering practices of mentoring and, ultimately, personal coaching.  Through personal coaching, we help teams and individuals explore their situations and identify growth opportunities while leading them to explore different perspectives leading to action.

As certified Scrum@Scale trainers, we are able to extend Scrum principles and techniques to address more complex challenges involving multiple Scrum teams.

Our Vision


Our vision is to educate and empower people to use Agile principles to help create a more unified view of their lives, both professional and personal. Agile principles evolved as we understood that complex, adaptive systems need a dynamic approach to navigate the complexity. With the incredible rate of change in our lives, who is not having to deal with complexity? We seek to provide coaching and education to allow people to live happier, healthier lives.

Who We Are


Mark is a certified Scrum@Scale trainer.  He also holds an ICE Agile Coaching certification with ICAgile.  He is currently the Agile coach at Palmetto GBA in Columbia, SC.  Mark has over 20 years of experience leading IT teams in various industries including financial, health care, distribution, and manufacturing.  He is also a certified Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner and has headed up the Agile Practice for a Columbia area company.

Mark has a passion to empower people to creatively engage in all areas of their lives through applying Agile principles and mindset.  He has been key in leading the Agile community in the Midlands of SC through Agile Midlands.

Teresa is a certified Scrum Product Owner and works with Mark closely to provide broader support to the particular needs and skills of Product Owners.  Teresa brings a strong entrepreneurial perspective to the Product Owner role and helps create focus on business improvement and value versus order taking in the creation of Scrum / Agile backlogs. Teresa loves working with her stakeholders to provide quality working software. She currently holds a CSPO and A-CSPO certification through Scrum Alliance.